March Hare Cartoons and Comics



Just fleshing out the bones a bit.

                          POLICE REVIEW 1980-2002                                




I drew for Police Review the national weekly Police Magazine for over 20 years.

I illustrated articles, did full page strips (many featured on the cover) and a weekly gulley strip which lasted for six years. These articles were about all aspects of Police pay and conditions.






                                         EARLY 1980'S

  Bit of a strange time. I was working for games fanzines, drawing adverts, posters, illustrations for North of England Newspapers and writing and drawing strips for short lived mags like 'Oink' and 'The Truth'. 







                                            VIZ 1987-1989

Then along came Viz. They were just starting to get big then. I liked the freedom I had being able to write and draw whatever I wanted but with Chris Donald giving editorial direction. I used the pen name of Nicholas Schwab. It was a springboard to getting work in numerous other adult humour magazines.



                   ELEPHANT PARTS and GAS 1990-1991

I loved these two magazines. They really tried to produce a quality product, even the paper they were printed on was the best, but they folded after a couple of years. I was able to sell them some of my whackiest ideas and they loved anything a little unhinged.


                       THERE WERE A LOT OF THEM.........

They were coming thick and fast. These titles didn't last very long and I had at least two or three pages in all of them.

Several of them were just the non-sexual content of the adult mags with the swearing omitted. Believe it or not this was an attempt to produce a magazine that you could sell to kids. The kids wanted the mags with the bad language in them though. 

I had totally forgotten about most of these mags before I consulted my records, shows you just how memorable they were.







                   ZIT and GUTTER and GUTTED 1990-1993


Henry Malone, might be my sneaky favourite. Henry is alone no matter what he does.

Tommy Tupperwierd, does interesting things with plastic boxes.

These were the first 'Viz Wannabees' who were trying to copy the success of Viz. 

I contributed quite a lot of strips to Zit and Gutter. Gutter folded and re-emerged as Gutted soon after. After failing to pay many of the writers and artists. I didn't care that much as I retained my artwork and re-sold it to other magazines, sometimes to several magazines .

                                 BIG MAGS 1989-1990

They produced two mags and I must have filled 50% of both of them. I wrote a lot of strips and drew a lot of regular features as well. They loved risky material and the more outrageous the strip, the more they liked it.

They were based in Newcastle and I was always in the office. 



Stumpy Stan was a regular strip which featured a handicapped cartoon character. There were about a dozen episodes of this.

Robert McAmley, He Thinks He's A Member Of The Royal Family. I loved this idea, it ran for about 12 episodes.


                                       SPIT 1993-1997

Along with Zit, Spit was a serious attempt to compete with Viz . Unfortunately they tried to look like it to and copied its cover design to closely.

I had a lot of long running strips in it including Junior Ram Raiders, Thermonuclear Theodore, My Friend The Elephant, Limpet Boy, Bod Abuse, Victor Ventnor and Young Ghengis.







                                         SMUT 1990-2000

The contents of SMUT were more adult in content. They had a good long run and I had several regular series and one offs in it fairly continuously for about ten years.




                                           UT 1991-1993

UT Publishing was an effort to produce some different and high production value magazines and they were great to look at. 


GAG was the general humour comic.


I wrote and drew a comic-within-a-comic for UT called the Pocket Rocket.


UT even did a horror magazine that I contributed to.

                                       SOCCER COMICS

  I've had a few strips in soccer comics over the years.



                               MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATIONS

 I have illustrated articles for various business and special interests over the last thirty years.